This Is Why We Love Sport

Whether or not you follow surfing, the recent event that took place at Snapper Rocks in Queensland will bring a tear to anyone’s eye. Aussie pro surfer Owen Wright took out the final against his good mate and fellow Ripcurl team rider Matt Wilkinson. Having come out on top against surfing legend Kelly Slater before, this might not seem like the greatest feat – but there is much more to the story.


Wright had been out of the WSL for all of 2016 after suffering a serious injury surfing Hawaii’s Pipeline in 2015. Last year was spent recovering mentally and physically all the while not knowing if he’d ever surf again. To make such a remarkable come back and show such pure dedication, perseverance and courage is why we love sport so much. It’s inspirational stories like these that make our job just that much easier to do day in and day out.


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