Making Sure Snow One Gets Lost

The students at McKillop College were lucky enough to visit the snow at Mt Buller in VIC recently. The kids enjoyed skiing and snowboarding, while the teachers were able to relax knowing they could keep a safe eye on everyone thanks to our snow vests.
There are so many reasons why an Indigo Wolf Snow Vest is a smart addition to your next snow excursion. Here is just a few:
1. The light and breathable fabric won’t weigh you down under all those other layers
2. The bright and colourful designs help students to remain visible and be easily spotted
3.  They have custom made neck labels with school details incase the garment or student gets lost
4. The larger neck and arm holes ensures the vest is easy to pull over the top of your puffy snow gear
5. And the best part, you can re-use them for next year!
Get in touch with us today to order yours!