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Italy Does It Better

This year we began designing our new range of compression sporting apparel. After a hectic few months of mock-ups, trials, and many errors we were ready to get cracking. The first samples came back and to our dismay were ridiculously underwhelming. It wasn’t the designs because we knew we’d nailed those – it was the fabric. So a change of material was made and new samples started. This process was repeated way too many times, but the results just didn’t deliver. They got better and better as we went along, but they weren’t perfect. The compression fabric was always too thin, too stretchy, too see-through, or too shiny.

We were fed up and ready for a beer until our most recent experiment arrived. Men’s athletic tights made with a well know Italian compression fabric, we sourced and imported from Italy. We had an “ahh” moment and never looked back. This fabric is used to produce some of the best cycling and compression garments around the globe, and we have our hands on it.

Turns out pizza isn’t all the Italian’s are best at!

Our range of compression gear is available in our Indigo Wolf designs, or can be fully customized of your sporting club, or school.