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Getting Creative

It’s a very busy time of year for us with lots of school’s getting in their final designs. We wanted to say how very impressed we are with all the creativity we are seeing. It’s not easy to create something that wins the approval of the whole school year and the teaching staff.  So here is a shout out to 5 of our top designs for 2015 school leavers:

1. This Holy Spirit College Jacket for 2016 was no easy feat. Students were determined to have a hoodie for their leavers garments, however teaching staff were hesitant. The final product, a college jacket with removable hood. In the end everyone was happy -just another day in the office for us really.

HS removable hood 2HS removable hoodHSC2016-2 (1)HSC2016-3 (1)



2.This Reversible Basketball Top for Deakin UniversityThe idea was first hand drawn then converted into a design. A slightly different garment but the reversible basketball top has been a massive hit.

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3. Gordon Hood for Deakin University. These guys wanted to do something different, and create a garment they could wear casually any day of the week. The final design was completely hand drawn, it was then turned into a usable artwork format then embroidered onto the garment.

20150709_100637 front 20150709_100420 copy20150709_100518 copy



4. Kingsgrove High School College Jacket in Oxford. Unlike other companies, Indigo Wolf offers a range a fabrics and additional extras. Kingsgrove students wanted to do something different from the previous years, and so decided on our premium oxford fabric for their jackets. The oxford fabric is thick, wind proof, and waterproof.

KHS2016-1KHS2016-2 KHS2016-3


5. Last but not least there is this design from Thomas Reddall, we have a Reversible College Jacket. Not only do students get two jackets in one, but one side is made of our nice and comfy premium fleece, and the other our waterproof material. It’s versatile, just like us 😉


Thomas Reddall 2016-sublimation-front Thomas Reddall 2016-sublimation-back Thomas Reddall 2016-fleece-front Thomas Reddall 2016-fleece-back



Remember at Indigo Wolf we can do almost anything in the way of customisation, and it is important to us that you are happy with the final result. The 5 choices above not only have thought a little outside of the square, but their garments improve the image of their school and students. Feel free to take inspiration in these designs, and also check out the portfolio section on our website for more awesome ideas!