Fan Life is a Healthy Life

DID YOU KNOW! Participating in sporting activities is fantastic for your health!?….. yeah der.


Something you might not know though, Scientists have found that even being a sports FAN can be good for your emotional, psychological and social wellbeing.



  • It builds camaraderie with friends when you cheer for the same team or play on a team together. It is a network, a place you belong.
  • Admiratoin of players or favourite athletes can inspire your own athleticism and exercise routines.
  • It provides entertainment and stress relief through socialising and the excitement of following the sport/athletes.
  • It builds traditions and connections through with likeminded people who might have nothing else in common.
  • It creates a community



Epic fandom is linked to higher levels of well-being and general happiness with one’s social life, as well as lower levels of loneliness and alienation.

Being a fan of a sports team can also be a deeply rooted heritage that connects you to others across time, transcending the barriers that divide people generationally, (Professor Alan Pringle, Ph.D. Pringle specializes in mental health nursing at the University of Nottingham).


There’s really no way to fault it.


Whether it be AFL, Soccer, NRL, Basketball, or Cycling, do it, watch it, follow it, love it – it’s good for you!